I’m grateful to have been born and raised in a relatively affluent country, far from war, famine and grave misery. When I can I support individuals in need and organizations that help them cope by providing food, water, shelter, education or credit.


International Committee of the Red Cross

The International Red Cross provides humanitarian help to people affected by natural disasters and armed conflicts. I have supported their efforts in eastern Ukraine, and earlier in the Philippines after super typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda), in the South Asia earthquakes and in South Sudan. Join here »


UN Refugee Agency

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is a United Nations agency mandated to protect and support refugees from Syria, Iraq, Congo, South Sudan, Ukraine, and other crises in the world. Donate here »

MOAS & Sea-Watch

Migrant Offshore Aid Station Image Credit: MOAS

The Migrant Offshore Aid Station and, in response to the ongoing migrant crisis off the shores of Malta, Italy, and Greece, save thousands of lives in the Mediterranean. MOAS, an international group of humanitarians, search and rescue professionals, medical staff, and maritime officers provides medical aid to migrants stranded or in distress, fleeing conflicts and humanitarian crises in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East, taking deadly risks and dying at sea in their attempts to escape. Sea-watch is a private initiative of several families – entrepreneurs, craftsmen, educators, engineers – from Germany, who aim to provide help to refugees in distress.



I support entrepreneurs in developing countries through Kiva by offering small units of capital interest-free.

Kiva Microfunds is a non-profit microcredit organization that offers affordable credit through its field partners – microfinance institutions, schools, charities and other non-profits. Kiva aggregates loan capital from individual lenders via the Internet and transfers it to the field partners, who then disburse the loans interest-free or below the local interest rates. Kiva is a great crowdfunding tool to support those who strive for a better life and are willing to work but have limited access to capital.

My primary focus is on agriculture and food production but I also lend to certain service providers who produce something tangible, like carpentry, sewing or weaving. I also support borrowers who wish to cover higher education costs. Most of my loans go to East Africa – Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, South Sudan – but I try to keep an eye out for young borrowers and single parents in other regions as well. Join here », HCLU, and Direkt36 is an independent non-profit watchdog organization that produces investigative reports, accepts and publishes information from whistleblowers, files freedom of information requests, and promotes transparency and accountability in Hungary. For over two decades, the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union has been active in protecting the rights of citizens against undue interference by those in position of public power. Direkt36 is an investigative journalism center with the mission to expose corruption, wrongdoings, and abuse of power.


MinutePhysicsImage Credit: Henry Reich

MinutePhysics is a series of sharp, fun and effective educational “time-lapse drawing” videos by Henry Reich on Youtube which explain physics-related topics in around one minute, from Schrödinger’s Cat through quantum tunneling to magnets. Support Henry via Patreon.


LightSailImage Credit: The Planetary Society

I backed the LightSail project by The Planetary Society to build a prototype spacecraft propelled by the energy of the Sun. The initiative aims to revolutionize access to space for CubeSats and other low-cost citizen projects in space exploration. Join here »

World Food Programme


More than 300 million of the world’s children suffer from chronic hunger. I support the United Nations World Food Programme in their efforts to alleviate child hunger. Join here »

Social Fund
of the Benedictine Secondary School
of Pannonhalma

Pannonhalma Archabbey Image Credit: David Pintye

The Benedictine Archabbey of Pannonhalma, founded in 996, maintains an independent Roman Catholic boarding school for boys. Although paying a tuition fee is required, students who participate in the school’s grant program receive substantial financial aid based on their social circumstances and performance. As a former student I support the social fund of the grant program to help out talented students if the tuition fee or day-to-day living costs are beyond their means.


Wikipedia Image Credit: Wikimedia Foundation

The English language Wikipedia – along with its smaller localized sister projects – has become an invaluable reference tool available for free to anyone. The collaboratively edited, multilingual Internet encyclopedia contributes enormously to the democratization of human knowledge, serving more than 360 million global visitors every month. I support the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation in their efforts to bring free educational content to the world.
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Charity works of the Knights of Malta

Sovereign Order of Malta

The Maltese Charity Service in Hungary is one of the most respected aid organizations of the country. Their activities range from disaster relief at home and abroad, general health care and ambulance services to the poor — to caring for the homeless, disabled and the elderly.

Saturn V Restoration Project

Saturn V outdoors Image Credit: Keith Pomakis

As a former International Space Camp participant I supported the restoration of the Saturn V rocket on exhibition at the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. The vehicle, though never flew, was instrumental in the development of the Saturn V rockets which propelled the first men to the Moon. After decades resting (and rusting) unprotected outdoors it was restored and moved into a new museum building in 2007. Foundation

I support the Foundation in their work to promote free software in Hungary, and their efforts in localization of, Firefox, Thunderbird, GNOME and other open source projects.

The Planetary Society

The Society is a non-government, nonprofit organization, involved in research and engineering projects related to astronomy, planetary science and space exploration. Join here »

Wait But Why

Wait But WhyImage Credit: Wait But Why

Wait But Why is an entertainging, thoughtful blog by Tim Urban and Andrew Finn covering a wide range of topics from baby names to colonizing Mars, carefully illustrated with stick figures. Support them via Patreon.