Designer and builder of things on the worldwide web. Usability and accessibility geek.

Current work

I'm a senior product designer and product manager at Webra International, LLC, a small company with big brains in Budapest, Hungary.

Over the last few years we worked with government ministries and agencies, municipal governments, higher education institutions, and corporations in the telecommunications, banking, and FMCG sector, to bring accessible, usable, and – at some inspired moments – delightful web applications to life.


In preparation to projects, sometimes as a byproduct, or just for the fun of it, I experimented with a number of technologies, from wiki software to geolocation, from NASA’s collection of the Mars rovers’ photos to treemap data visualization.


I’m grateful to have been born and raised in a relatively affluent country. When I can I support individuals in need, and organizations that help them cope by providing food, water, shelter, truthful and reliable information, education, or credit.